Kettering TV Repairs offer guaranteed service and repair to ALL makes and ages of television, video and audio equipment.  Where necessary, they also uprate, update and modify equipment, ensuring safe practice and electrical safety regulations are met at all times.  They can even replicate mechanical parts that are obsolete and also design, and retro-fit circuits to modernise and revive equipment that would otherwise be scrap.
As a home electronics repairer, we regularly hear - "TV's can't be fixed, can they?" or "You just throw them away and buy a new one.... don't you?"  Kettering TV Repairs would like to show that TV's are usually worth repairing and a repair with us will save you money. - By Owner.


 Extensive, knowledge and contacts within the TV repair trade, including the largest international television service engineers group, means that Kettering TV Repairs service centre, can readily access essential service information, dealer approved technical support and quality parts.


"Throwing away a broken TV when it is repairable is a waste of your money and bad for the environment"  - D. Holmes 2017.


Kettering TV Repairs qualified engineers have each gained vast experience over a 30+ year career in the electronics repair industry. This means they can identify faults quickly and to component level, ensuring labour costs are kept to a minimum. 

The engineers favour "component level repair" where others may lack the knowledge and tooling to carry out proper fault finding and replacement of individual parts; such companies are only able to quote for complete 'boards' or complete 'screens' in the case of backlight failure, such shortcomings will usually deem your TV 'beyond economic repair', when in fact it isn't. 

 "Board swapping - is like changing the whole engine in a car when just the sump gasket needs replacing"  - R. Houghton 2014.

It is inevitable in some cases of multiple component failure that a new board is the most intelligent and cost effective option.  Such cases where a new board may be necessary include: severe damage by a mains surge, lightning strike or ingress of water.

When a new board or backlight is required, Kettering TV repairs are able to source parts at 'trade cost' direct from manufacturers and from their worldwide partners. This allows them to pass the savings onto their customer, ensuring your TV is viable to repair.

"Too many TV's end up being thrown away - often because the customer is told parts are no longer available or too expensive.  Such TV's are then unnecessarily recycled where

 Kettering TV Repairs might have ensured they were repaired and  reused." 

-  M.  Richardson 2016.

Repair | Refurbish | Restore | Reuse | Reduce

Recycling should always be the last resort!