• Kettering TV Repairs

Dropped and broken your TV?

Kettering TV Repairs can help.

If your TV is physically damaged but the screen is intact we can repair it for you.

If the screen is smashed - we do stock a few used good screens - please enquire with make and model.

Usually however, a broken screen will mean your TV is not worth repairing. Screens are costly and a new screen plus fitting will, in most cases cost more than a replacement TV.

We use reTrieV to prepare insurance reports for our customers. reTrieV deal direct with insurance companies so if you decide to make a claim for your damaged TV, you can be rest assured you are in good hands. reTrieV also work with extended warranty companies.

You can use us to contact reTrieV on your behalf, or contact them directly.

If you wish to contact reTrieV directly, their web site is at

reTrieV offer insurance report assessment and preparation, they work with the public and direct with insurance companies. They also offer services to extended warranty companies. Website | E-mail |

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