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ROCK-OLA Digital "Sybersonic Dual Amplifier" 70166-A Repair

ROCK - OLA Digital "Sybersonic Dual Amplifier" 70166-A Jukebox pre-amp / amplifier repair. We have just completed repairs to 3 Rock-Ola 70166A Amplifiers as pictured. They had faults from blown output modules to preamp signal issues. We repair the Amplifier modules (part no. 60441-A 60442-A), to component level. In one case the main output IC had failed; These modules cost £640.00 to buy.... however, we repaired at a fraction of the cost! We also repair the digital pre-amplifier / processor PCB (part no. 60411-A). These cost £670 to buy, again we can save our customer hundreds of pounds over buying new by repairing to component level. The whole 70166-A "yellow box" unit costs over £1500 to buy as a replacement. Always think about repair and reuse over buying new or scrapping and recycling... You can easily remove your faulty 'yellow box' and send to us for repair..... "Component level repairs are good for the environment and good for your pocket!" Repair - Refurbish - Restore - Reuse - Reduce Recycling should always be the last resort! #rockola #rockolarepair #rockolajukebox #70166A #604411A #yellowbox #rockolaamp #ketteringtvrepair #KetteringTV #ketteringtvrepairs #jukeboxamp #reuse #Refurbish #ewaste Email: or Email: Phone: 01536 517042 and 01536 747476 #ketteringtv

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