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TV has a Blue Picture?

We are seeing an increasing amount of TV's displaying a predominately blue picture.

The backlight LED's are to blame - It appears in some cases, as they age, they emit a blue light. Below is a photo of a stripped down screen showing a blue LED. They should all glow white:

Some companies may quote you for a complete new screen, the costs of which will render your TV beyond economic repair. The TV will be scrapped when it could have been repaired!

At Kettering TV Repairs, we will strip the screen down, fit an entire new LED array and re-assemble. We will ensure the repair is cost effective, your TV is reused and you save money over having to purchase a replacement. "You benefit - The environment benefits!"

Never take your broken TV to the tip! We can repair at a fraction of the cost of buying a new TV.

If you don't want your TV repairing, we can offer you cash for it! We will then repair it and ensure it is reused.

We wish to prevent premature, unnecessary recycling by repairing and reusing wherever possible.

Repair | Replenish | Restore | Reuse | Reduce - Recycling should always be the very last resort!

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