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TV has No Picture?

If your TV is on but you have no picture, the most common problem is backlight failure.

You may still hear sound but there's no picture. The screen is not lit at all.

You can shine a torch directly at the screen and look closely, you may see a faint image of a picture.

Backlight failure is usually repairable. We repair backlights to component level. To do so we have to carefully strip the screen down and fit new LED strips before rebuilding the screen.

Our pledge is to make such repairs cost effective. We will repair and save you from having to buy a new TV.

We do advise that the LCD panel is very delicate, if it breaks on removal, we accept no responsibility for loss or damage. The TV will be un-repairable.

Luckily, we have completed hundreds of back light replacements to date and have yet to break an LCD.

Picture shows LCD panel, layers and components removed to reveal the backlight LED strips or LED "bars".

This particular TV is Panasonic TX-48CX400 B. New LED strips remain unavailable for these sets and the TX-48CX350 B. We therefore repair them by fitting new individual LED's to the original strips.

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